Kulturni center Mostnica

Kulturni center Mostnica is a nonprofit center in Ljubljana dedicated to helping women find greater meaning and purpose in their day-to-day lives. The purpose of the Center is to foster an understanding of the important role women have in shaping society through their work and personal integrity. Through programs that explore the value of work in everyday life, Kc Mostnica aims to inspire women to become a positive influence in the world.

Kulturni center Mostnica offers a variety of intellectual and cultural programs that help women strengthen their character, friendships and work and to equip them to be a positive influence wherever they find themselves. These programs are for women of all backgrounds and are founded on the Christian understanding of the dignity of the human person and on the importance of ordinary work.

Kc Mostnica helps women:

  • Strive for academic and professional excellence, in each woman’s chosen field
  • Balance family, professional and on-going cultural development
  • Work for the common good of society through one’s work and community involvement
  • Learn ethical principles and how to apply them to all aspects of life
  • Appreciate people of diverse backgrounds
  • Serve others through one’s job and take on responsible roles in society
  • Cultivate healthy interpersonal relationship

Kc Mostnica helps families:

We know that women have a leading role in the development of family and society; by this our effort aims to support the improvement of training of women and of the Slovenian families offering in addition to the above activities, training courses for marriages in coordination with the IFFD organization.

Since 1978, IFFD has worked to promote and support abroad variety of initiatives for families and married couples, convinced of the importance and irreplaceable role of the family in the happiness of its members, as well as for peace and social cohesion, for general welfare and educational development, and for economic growth and successful integration into society.

More about IFFD www.iffd.org