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Kulturni center Vintgar

Project Vintgar of Zavod D&K supports girls, university students, and young professional women become productive self-governing citizens, with an understanding of their personal responsibility in the social, civic, political, economic, cultural and moral decisions that shape their own lives, the lives of their families, their community, and society.

This project gives girls and young women in Slovenia the skills, confidence, and education they need to become catalysts in cultivating genuine citizenship, civic involvement, moral character, and personal responsibility as young citizens of their country and as a new generation of Europeans.

Project Vintgar consists of activities covering cultural and professional topics which foster the personal growth of every individual. Addresses two main issues that young women in Slovenia deal with: finding safe, quality, and affordable residences while completing their studies, and promoting a respectful attitude towards others thus enhancing one’s social skills.

Vintgar not only provides accommodations, but also serves as a place where women of all generations, races, education, social status and political convictions can participate in academic, social, and service activities.

More about Kulturni center Vintgar www.kcvintgar.com

2017     “A Refugee like me” project Partner The Wonder Foundation

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2016     European University Residence Network 1475421580

cv rs pzl mentoringVII

2015 Easier Transitions project Partner The Wonder Foundation Partner Fundación CanfrancPartner KAC

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2014 Integrating study and work for youth



2007    Kulturni center Vintgar RENOVATION


2007 Obnovitev Vintgar Vintgar before 3


Vintgar after 3 Vintgar after 2